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Why can't I edit a product's inventory on the Edit Product page or via CSV/XLSX import?


When editing a product directly in Retail POS, the current inventory is no longer showing as an editable option. 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS for iPad


Default settings:

By default, Cashier and Manager user roles cannot edit a products inventory levels on the Edit Product page or via a CSV/XLSX import.

Inventory management on the Edit Product page and via a CSV/XLSX import is only available to Admin user roles by default.

Enabling inventory editing with custom user role permissions:

You can customise the Cashier and Manager user role permissions* on the Users page (Setup -> Users -> Roles) to allow inventory editing on the Edit Product page and via a CSV/XLSX import.

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Users -> Roles
  2. Select the user role you wish to enable inventory editing for (Cashier or Manager)
  3. Scroll to the Products section
  4. Select the Create and edit products checkbox
  5. Click Save Changes

*Custom user role permissions are only available for Pro and Enterprise plan retailers

Additional Information

To learn more about user roles and permissions, refer to our User permissions in Retail POS guide. 


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