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Signature Capture on Worldpay TriPOS terminals


Depending on the type of triPOS terminal you use in your store, there are two ways to capture customer signatures when processing a sale.

Keep reading below to learn how to capture On-Screen Signatures and On-Receipt Signatures.

Enable/disable "Ask for Signature" Signature Capture


Signature capture on Worldpay TriPOS terminals is enabled by default.

To disable the "Ask For Signature" signature capture function, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types, locate the Wordpay payment type and click the pencil to edit. Scroll to the Ask For Signature section and click the checkbox to uncheck it, then click Save Payment Type.

Disabling Ask For Signatures will prevent a signature slip from printing during the payment process and the customer cannot sign for card payments.

You can enable and disable signature capture at any time.

On-Screen Signature Capture

On-screen signature capture is supported by both the Verifone MX 915/925 and Ingenico ISC 250/480 terminals.

Once the payment amount has been sent to the terminal when processing a sale, your customer will be asked to sign on the terminal with the attached stylus pen.

Once the signature is captured, it will be displayed on your Retail POS screen (see below). This will allow you to accept/decline the payment based on the matching the signature on screen to the signature from the back of your customer's credit card.

If the signature provided does not match the back of your customer's credit card, depending on your store policy, you can Decline the payment. Retail POS will then reverse the transaction to make sure money is not taken.

Clicking Confirm and Accept will accept the payment, close the sale, and print or email a receipt to your customer.

On-Receipt Signature Capture

Receipt-based signature capture is required with the Ingenico iPP 320/350 and Ingenico iSMP4.

If a purchase requires a signature, Retail POS will print a receipt with a signature line for the customer to sign. You will then be able to match this to the signature on the back of your customer's credit card, and accept/decline the payment, depending on your store policy.


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