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Which Worldpay Terminal to Choose?

Retail POS supports a full range of triPOS Cloud terminals; from ethernet-based countertop terminals with large displays and on-screen signature capture, like the Verifone MX925, to sleek mobile WiFi terminals like the Ingenico iSMP4.

If you are trying to decide which triPOS terminal will best suit your needs, keep reading below:

  • The Ethernet based countertop terminals, such as the Verifone MX925, are best suited to stores that favour counter-based sales vs queue-busting floor sales. These terminals are best suited to stores that require stability and reliability.

  • WiFi terminals are best suited for pop-up stores and stores where floor selling is important. WiFi terminals such as the Ingenico iSMP4 are sleek, mobile, and process quick sales in situations where sales staff are brandishing iPads on the store floor, and don’t have access to wall-power (iSMP4 charges by micro-USB). The Ingenico iSMP4 is also very aesthetically pleasing and suits a minimalist countertop where it compliments the iPad.

For a step by step guide to setting up your Retail POS's triPOS terminal, check out this article.

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