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Printing gift receipts in the Retail POS (X-Series) app for iPad


These are instructions for printing gift receipts in the Retail POS app for iPad. For instructions on how to do this on Retail POS for Mac or PC, click here.

For customers purchasing your products as a gift for someone else, you can print a gift receipt which is a simplified version of the standard receipt that does not include any payment or loyalty information.

Follow the steps below to print a gift receipt directly after a sale or from the sales history:

Directly after a sale 

1. On the Payment received page that appears after a sale is completed, tap the Print others button.


2. Select the Gift receipt option and tap Print.



If you have not configured standard receipts to print automatically you can print one manually from this screen by selecting the Thermal receipt option and tapping Print.

From an historic sale

1. Ask the customer for their receipt (if required under your policy), for their name and date/time of the sale, or other details required to find the transaction.

2. Tap on the Menu icon (☰) and select Sales history.


3. Use the filter options to search by closed sales, receipt number, or other details, if required.


4. Once the sale is located, tap to expand and select Gift receipt.


5. Tap Print.


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