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Put a Sale on Hold (Park a Sale) on PC and Mac

Parked sales can be super useful when customers need you to hold their purchase while they get more items or fetch their wallet, for example. Parked sales enable you to clear the sale from your Sell screen to keep trading and retrieve it when the customer returns to the store.

To process a Parked Sale on PC and Mac, follow the steps below:

To learn how to process a Parked Sale on Retail POS on iPad, check out this article.

1. Add the products to the sale as normal.

2. Choose Park Sale from the top right.

3. Your sale will then be parked

Tip: Before clicking Park Sale you may want to add a note to the sale first.

Parked Sales and Register Closures

Parked sales are not included in register closures. Your sale will only record under your register closure after the sale is completed (fully paid off or put onto on account or lay-by.)

How does this work in practice?

A customer's sale is parked today, and the customer comes in tomorrow to receive and pay for their items. The purchase and the payment will both be included in tomorrow’s Register closure.

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