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Using the tax report

Only Admin users have access to the tax report.

The tax report displays each tax type set up in your store, the rate of the tax (%), as well as the amount of tax collected under that tax type, and revenue earned (including tax) for a specified date range.

This report is particularly useful for reviewing monthly, quarterly, or end-of-year financial information.

Overview of Tax Report page.

Understanding sales tax calculations

X-Series calculates tax at a line-item level, meaning the tax is calculated per line item using the tax rates and groups you configured in your Back Office. Tax rates and groups can be adjusted in Setup > Sales Taxes.

For example:

  • Item costs $5.50 with 9% tax
    • Tax on the item: $5.50 x 0.09 = $0.495
    • Item tax rounded to $0.50
    • Total cost of item with tax is $6.00
  • Item costs $5.50 with 9% tax and an additional 2% tax
    • Tax 1 on the item: $5.50 x 0.09 = $0.495, rounded to $0.50
    • Tax 2 on the item: $5.50 x 0.02 = $0.11
    • Item tax: $0.50 + $0.11 = $0.61
    • Total cost of item with both taxes is $6.11

If multiple tax rates are applicable for an item, each rate is applied to the item separately, rounded separately, and then totaled together.

Date range

You can choose to review taxes between specific dates via the Specify dates section in the Date range drop-down menu.

Select the From and To dates and click Apply. This will generate a report for your custom date range.

Tax Report page with Date Range drop-down menu open.

Filtering by outlet

To filter taxes by outlet, click More filters.

Here you can choose to either Include or Exclude an outlet by selecting your preferred option from the drop-down and typing the outlet(s) you wish to filter by.

Tax Report page with report filtered by an outlet.

Export report

To export your tax report data, click Export report.

You can then choose to download the report as an XLSX or CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet application such as Google Sheets, Excel, or OpenOffice.

Tax Report page with Export Report area emphasized.

For more information on setting up taxes with the BigCommerce integration, click here or for the WooCommerce integration, click here.

Save report

Admin and Manager user roles can save customized reports to be used in the future. For more information, refer to Saving customized reports.
Tax Report page showing Save report button.

Saving a customized report is only available to merchants on Advanced or Enterprise plans, or those that have purchased the advanced reporting module.

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