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Using the store credit report

The store credit reports feature gives you a breakdown of your store credit totals for a quick overview of the total store credit value issued, redeemed, and outstanding.

It also contains a list of all store credit issued and redeemed by your customers, allowing you to bring up customer information quickly to view their current store credit balance and redemption status.

Deleted customers also appear on this report.

To access the store credit report, navigate to Reporting > Store credit reports.

This report is made up of two sections.

Summary of store credit totals


In the first section, you'll see a summary of your store credit totals. Here you can find information on:

  • Total value issued: This gives you the total value of all store credit that has been issued in your store since you activated the Retail POS store credit feature.
  • Total value redeemed: Listed here is the total amount of store credit value that has been redeemed in your store to date.
  • Outstanding balance: This gives you the total outstanding amount, in other words, the current store credit issued that is yet to be redeemed.

Store credit list


In the next section, you will find a list of customers who have a store credit history. This list contains three columns: Total issued, Total redeemed, and Balance.

  • Total issued: This shows you the total value of store credit that has been issued to the customer.
  • Total redeemed: This shows the amount of store credit this customer has redeemed to date.
  • Balance: Listed here is the current outstanding store credit the customer has left to redeem.

Only 1000 lines are listed in the Store credit report. If you have more than 1000 customers, not all customers will be listed to view.

You can also click on one of the rows in this list to view the transaction history of their store credit (note: if you click on their name, you'll go to their customer profile). Here you'll see the date and time any store credit was issued or redeemed and how much value was issued or redeemed with each transaction.


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