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How to reactivate your Retail POS (X-Series) account that is on-ice


Reactivate your Retail POS account to gain access to your data and be able to make sales again.


  •  Retail POS on Mac or PC


  1. Head to VendHQ
  2. Select sign in in the top right corner
  3. Enter your store details and user details
  4. You will be prompted to reactivate

Additional Information

Lite and Pro plans

All retailers on Lite or Pro plans that put their account on-ice are required to reactivate on one of our latest Lean, Standard or Advanced plans.

Features previously available to your account on Lite or Pro plans may be affected. You may also lose any existing discount on your current Lite or Pro plan.

Once a Lite or Pro plan has been put on-ice, it cannot be reactivated to a Lite and Pro plan.

For further information on the latest plans, refer to our Pricing page here.

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