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Tipping on the Retail POS (X-Series) app (US and Canada only)

Retailers in the US and Canada using the Retail POS app for iPad can have tipping functionality enabled. This will prompt customers to add tips on card-based payments.

Setting up tipping on the Retail POS app

Tipping can only be enabled by Retail Support on behalf of a retailer.

To request that tipping be enabled in your Retail POS store, select Help in Retail POS to contact Retail Support.

Once tipping is enabled on your account, make sure that you have added the tipping option in Lightspeed Payments.

Processing a sale with a tip

Once tipping is enabled in your Retail POS store, your customer can add a tip to their card-based payment.

  1. On the Sell screen, add the products and customer details as normal, then select Pay.

    Sell screen in Retail POS app.

  2. Select an integrated card payment type.

    Payment types available for sale.

  3. The tipping prompt will be displayed. To ask the customer for a tip, select Continue to tipping in X seconds..., or wait for the time displayed to elapse, then turn the display to face the customer.
    • If you don't wish to ask the customer to tip, select Don't ask customer to tip and complete the sale as normal.

    Pop-up prompting employee to Turn the display to the customer. A countdown says that it will Continue to tipping in 3 seconds... and there is an option to select Don't ask customer to tip.

  4. The customer can choose a suggested tip percentage or enter a tip amount as a dollar value. Alternatively, the customer may choose not to tip by selecting No tip.

    Tipping options, with pre-selected percentages or option to type in custom dollar amount.

  5. The customer must tap Confirm sale. They will be prompted to turn the display back to the cashier, and the tip will be added to the Sale summary.

    Message prompting customer to turn display back to employee.

  6. Select Continue Payment.
  7. Process the payment using the payment terminal as normal. Select Next sale to finish.

    Payment received screen with option to print receipt, email receipt, or continue to Next sale.

Reporting on tips in Retail POS

There are two ways to report on tips in Retail POS. You can use the Sales report to see the total tips collected within a given period, or you can manually use the Sales history to identify tips applied to individual sales. 

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