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How to use the built-in iPad camera as a barcode scanner in the Retail POS (X-Series) app


When using the Retail POS app on iPad, the built-in iPad camera can be utilized as a barcode scanner to add products to the sell screen.


The Retail POS app only supports the in-built iPad on the sell screen to add products. 

The in-built iPad camera cannot be used in any other field in the Retail POS app. If you require additional barcode scanner functionality, refer to our Recommended Hardware and Computer Specs for Retail POS (X-Series) guide.

To scan a product to a sale using the built-in iPad camera, navigate to the sell screen in the Retail POS app.


Tap the Search products by keywords search field.


On the keyboard that opens, tap the camera icon.


Point the built-in iPad camera at the barcode that you wish to scan, or put the barcode you wish to scan in front of the built-in iPad camera.


The product (if already in your product catalog) will be added to the sale. To add additional products to the sale, repeat the above steps until all products have been added.

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