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Moving Your Existing Gift Card system to Retail POS (X-Series)'s Gift Card feature

If you are currently using Gift Cards in Retail POS and would like to use our new dedicated feature there are a few things you'll need to check:

  • We recommend you turn on Retail POS Gift Cards right away but start phasing out your old Gift Card system.

  • Before enabling Retail POS Gift Cards, if you have a Gift Card payment option you will need to rename this - we recommend old Gift Card.

  • If you have an active product that is named Gift Card, we recommend that you either disable it (if you do not need it for the redemption process of your old workaround) OR rename the product so that you do not accidentally choose the wrong one. Again, we suggest renaming this old Gift Card.

  • We also recommend you start using new (visually different) Gift Cards so you can easily identify if the Gift Card your customer is trying to redeem requires you to use the old process or the new redemption method.

For more information on Retail POS's Gift Card feature, check out this article.

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