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Retrieve a Parked Sale

Before you retrieve a Parked Sale

If you are currently processing a sale and select to retrieve a parked sale, a warning box will prompt you to either; Return to the sale in Progress and complete it, or save the sale and continue, in order for you to retrieve the Parked Sale. Selecting to Save and Continue will park the sale you are currently processing for you to retrieve at a later stage.


To retrieve a Parked Sale, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Sell -> Sell.

2. Click Retrieve Sale


3. A drop-down will open with the 10 most recent parked sales at your store


4. Select the parked sale you would like to continue with. This will continue the parked sale by adding the items to a sale on the Sell Screen.


If the parked sale you wish to process is not shown on the drop-down, select See All Parked Sales at the bottom of the drop-down, which will take you to your Sales History. Once here, you will be able to locate the parked sale you wish to process and select the arrow next to Parked. This will retrieve the sale and take you back to the Sell Screen to process the sale.


5. Make any updates to the sale as required. When you are ready to confirm the sale, click Pay to review and collect payment.


For more information on how to park a sale and how parked sales work with register closures, refer to this article.

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