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February product updates


Lightspeed Retail POS

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Product details are moving to the catalog


To make navigation easier, the Product details page will be removed and the product information previously displayed there will now be available by expanding a product in the catalog.

Now when clicking the product name, you’ll be taken directly to the Edit product page instead.

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Public beta

Reminder: Join the public beta for service orders


The service orders module is free until March 31st as part of the public beta for Lean, Standard, and Advanced plans. If you're interested in the service module, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Lightspeed eCom


Lightspeed eCom updates

Universal Product Codes (UPC) synced to eCom (E-Series) 

Universal Product Code(s) (UPC) from Retail POS are now automatically synced to your eCom (E-Series) account to ensure your catalog is up to date in both systems.

Sales accuracy for online payments processed via Authorize.net

Sales made via eCom (E-Series)  using the Authorize.net payment gateway will correctly show as ‘Paid’ in the Retail POS Sales History.

Product availability on eCom (E-Series)  can be managed via CSV/XLS

eCom (E-Series) merchants can now include a field in their CSV/XLS sheets during the product import/export process that indicates whether or not the product is available for purchase online eCom (E-Series). 

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Lightspeed Scanner



Use Lightspeed Scanner with Zebra and Socket hardware


You can now use  Scanner app with Zebra and Socket infrared scanning hardware devices to spend less time scanning and more time selling. 

Zebra: Download Scanner app onto your Zebra mobile computer device from the Google Play Store. The app will recognise the device, no configuration required.

Socket: Enable Bluetooth on the iOS device. Tap Account on Scanner app, toggle the setting to discover Socket scanners, and follow the guided pairing process to enable the scanner.

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Lightspeed Reporter


Receive alerts when your register has been opened or closed


You can now opt in to receive push notifications on the Lightspeed Reporter app when a staff member opens or closes the register for the day. This new level of visibility helps you make sure your store is opened and closed on time.

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