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Setting up your Honeywell 1400G series USB Scanner for PC or Mac

Setting up your Honeywell USB Scanner is easy and should work straight out of the box. Retail POS supports the following 1400G Series USB models:

  • Honeywell 1400G Series USB
  • Honeywell 1450G Series USB
  • Honeywell 1470G Series USB
  • Honeywell 1472G Series USB

Simply plug the USB into the computer and the scanner will install automatically.

If the following window appears, please close it. 


To test that it's all ready to go, open up a notepad or word processing application and scan in a barcode. You should see the barcode number appear here.


Hasn't scanned in any information? If your test scan hasn't worked, wait a minute and try it again. If it still hasn't been scanned after waiting, unplug the scanner and try and plug it into a different USB port in your computer.

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