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Using the StarPRNT SDK App

If you use either a Star TSP100(143) LAN/Ethernet or Star 650 Bluetooth printer and you are having trouble printing from Retail POS on your iPad; you can use Star's very own StarPRNT SDK app to verify whether your printer can print at all.

To learn how to use the StarPRNT SDK App, follow the steps below:

1. Download the StarPRNT SDK App on your App store.

2. On the StarPRNT SDK App, you need to choose the Destination Device at the very top of your screen.

3. Choose the Interface: Either LAN or Bluetooth and select the printer you have trouble printing from.

4. Choose High or Low for the Cash Drawer status. This step isn't essential as the Cash Drawer isn't being tested here.

5. Back on the main page, click Sample under Printer.

6. Choose any paper size and receipt type. The content of the receipt doesn't matter as this is just a test.

Final Step:

If the receipt prints then you will know that there is a connection between your iPad and the printer. At this point, if you require any further troubleshooting, contact our Support Team who will be able to help you further.

If the receipt does not print and gives you an error, that usually means that it is a hardware or connection issue as opposed to the Retail POS app failing to print. Contact Star Micronics who will need to diagnose the problem further.

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