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Using BigCommerce gift certificates

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus


If your Retail POS store is connected to BigCommerce, and you use gift certificates online, you will be able to use them in Retail POS to complete purchases.

Enabling gift certificates

You will first need to enable the BigCommerce gift certificate feature in both BigCommerce and Retail POS.

In BigCommerce:

  1. Click Marketing
  2. Click Gift certificates
  3. Configure gift certificate settings
  4. Click Save


In Retail POS:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Apps
  3. Click the pencil icon next to BigCommerce
  4. Under Redeem gift certificates in-store, click Update permissions
  5. In BigCommerce, log in
  6. Click confirm to update permissions
  7. In Retail POS, select Redeem gift certificates in-store
  8. Click Save Changes


You do not need to have Retail POS gift cards enabled to enable and redeem BigCommerce gift certificates.

However, if you are using the Xero integration, you will need to enable Retail POS gift cards in order to map the BigCommerce gift certificates to the correct liability account and have this sync to Xero.

Using gift certificates

Once the gift certificate permissions are enabled, you will be able to use them as a payment type when processing sales. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Sell screen, create the sale as normal.
  2. Click Pay when ready.
  3. Click the BigCommerce gift certificate payment type.
  4. Enter the Gift certificate code and click Find gift certificate.
  5. Click Pay with gift certificate.
  6. Click Complete sale to finish

Partial payments with gift certificates

If the shopper only wants to pay a certain amount by gift certificate, simply change the Amount to pay value on the Sell screen.

If the sale value is greater than the gift certificate, you can use up the entire gift certificate balance and pay the remaining sale amount with another payment type.

Gift certificates and reporting

If you are looking to view reports on gift certificate purchases, you will be able to use the reports below:

  1. Sales report - Gift certificates will show as a product, and will show total value issued as revenue.
  2. Payment report - Gift certificates show as a payment type and will display total value issued.


Online redemptions of gift certificates will not appear in the payment report. These can be accessed in the gift certificate history section of BigCommerce.

In-store redemptions of gift certificates will not appear in the gift certificate history section of BigCommerce.

Gift certificates and accounting integrations

Balances from gift certificates issued online will be accounted for in retailers’ liability reporting.

Redemptions from gift certificates online and in-store will be accounted for in retailers’ revenue reporting.

Additional Information

On the Settings page, you cannot check the Redeem gift certificates in-store feature until your permissions are updated.

Purchases made in-store with a gift certificate cannot be refunded back on the gift certificates.

While BigCommerce’s gift certificates can be redeemed in-store, Retail POS gift cards cannot be redeemed online.

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