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Creating layby sales

A layby is a sale that allows you to take a deposit from a customer for a product, set that product aside, and let the customer pay it off at a later date or in instalments. Placing a sale on layby removes the product from your inventory. 

Layby sales have some restrictions if you are using the Xero integration. If you rely on product quantities posted to Xero via Register Closures, we do NOT recommend using laybys.

Once a sale is placed on layby it cannot be switched to On Account, the same applies for On Account sales to layby.

To place a sale on layby:

  1. Create a sale on the sell screen, adding the desired products and ensuring a customer is added to the sale.
  2. Click Pay.
  3. If you wish to take a deposit for the layby sale, enter a partial payment amount and choose the payment type. If you do not require a deposit, you may skip this step.
  4. Click Layby


  5. Issue the customer the receipt.

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