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Exporting your product list from Retail POS (X-Series)

You can export your store's product list from Retail POS efficiently by filtering and downloading in your preferred format.

  1. Navigate to CatalogProducts.
  2. Apply any necessary filters to the products list and click Search. retail-catalog-search.png
  3. Click Export List on the right-hand side. retail-export-list.png
  4. Select a download format, CSV or XLSX, from the drop-down list.

    Select XLSX for exporting up to 5,000 products, or CSV for larger lists. CSV exports may slightly modify SKU numbers upon re-import.

  5. Your download will begin automatically, and a progress bar will appear. Find the file in your downloads folder for use in your preferred spreadsheet application.
    • If the download does not begin automatically, click on Click to start download.

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