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Generating barcodes within Retail POS (X-Series)

A barcode is a unique identifier for a stock item. Most manufactured items come with a universal barcode which can be scanned into the SKU field within the product page. When this barcode is scanned, the product will appear in the current sale.

Retail POS can also generate barcodes for you to use. It does this by "translating" the text in the SKU field into a barcode graphic. As an example here is a barcode which depicts the text "Retail POS HQ".


To ensure your barcode is easily scanned, we strongly recommend keeping text in the SKU field to no more than 10 characters, however up to 15 characters is acceptable. and no more than about 15.

Larger label sizes may support longer barcodes, we recommend experimenting with your preferred label size first.

There are several places within Retail POS where you can print out barcodes. These include

  • When viewing Details the product catalog page.

  • When you create a new stock order.
  • When you receive a stock order.
  • When you transfer stock.

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