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View a customer's store credit balance

There are two ways to view a customer's store credit balance in Retail POS. 

On the customers page:

1. Navigate to the Customers > Customers and locate the customer you wish to check the store credit balance for, using the filters to sort if needed.


2. Click the customer to expand the customer details. The store credit balance is displayed under the Store credit header, including the Total issued and Total redeemed values.


On the sell screen:

1. Navigate to Sell > Sell and type the customer's name in the Add a customer field. Click the customer to add them to the sale.


2. Click the customer's name to open the customer information modal.


3. Click Store credit to display the customer's five most recent store credit transactions. You can also see the user who issued the store credit and any associated notes.


4. Once you are done reviewing you customer's information, click the trash icon next to their name to clear it from the sell screen, if no longer required, or leave the customer attached to the sale.


For more information on store credit in Retail POS, check out this article.

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