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Setting up custom sales/purchase codes for your products with the Xero integration

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

There are several reasons that you may want to set custom account codes for a product:

  • If you have products with different sales tax rates in Retail POS and want to send them to different accounts in Xero
  • If you sell both services and goods/products
  • If you sell stock on consignment and want to track these sales separately in Xero
  • To track non-standard products like freight charges and import duties

There are two types of codes you can customize:

  • Sales account code - This references the account in Xero where sales of a product will be recorded.
  • Purchase account code - This references the account in Xero where product purchases from stock orders are sent.

To override the default account mappings, navigate to Catalog > Products, select the product to edit, and then click Edit product. Scroll down to the Accounting section and enter the account code that you wish this product to be mapped to:


These codes can be imported into Retail POS using a CSV file. Use the column heading account_code for your sales account (revenue accounts) or account_code_purchase for your purchase account (expense accounts) as shown in the image below. Any fields left blank will default to the Xero account you have previously mapped against your sales and purchases fields in Retail POS.

If you're setting custom account codes for products in Retail POS, make sure you've set up the corresponding accounts in Xero. You should also ensure the tax assigned to these Xero accounts match the tax rate on the products.

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