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Measuring staff performance with the sales report

You can use the sales report to measure the performance of your sales staff. This can be useful for training staff and allows you to track individual performance for commission or bonus purposes. With this report, for each of your staff members (users), you can view the number of products sold, the type of product sold, and the total revenue earned.

To view items sold per user:

  1. Navigate to ReportingSales reports
  2. From the Report type drop-down, select User.

    If a user doesn't have a display name, that user's sales will show as admin, manager, or cashier.

  3. From the Measure drop-down, select Items sold.
  4. Select the date range and comparison, if required. 

    Sales report screen with report type, measure, date range, and comparison filters highlighted.

  5. From the Format results menu, arrange your rows to show totals only or list totals by product or SKU name.

    Format results filter showing totals only, by product, or by sku name options.

  6. Select Apply.

Depending on how you decided to arrange your rows, you can now analyze the performance of your sales staff.

The Show totals only view allows you to view your total sales at a glance.

Sales report by user formatted to show sales totals only.

The By product view shows a breakdown of items sold by product name and total revenue. 

Note: Products with variants are displayed as a single item.

Sales report by user formatted by product name.

The By SKU name view organizes user sales by SKUs instead of product names. This view breaks products with variants into individual lines.

Sales report by user formatted by SKU name.

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