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Adding payment methods in Lightspeed eCom (E-Series)

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

To start accepting payments online, you need to connect a payment processor in payment settings. After you connect a payment processor, customers will see the payment options during checkout.

Payment methods available in eCom

You can accept debit and credit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, and offline payment methods to let your customers place an order online but pay in-store. It’s recommended to offer a few different types of online payments in your online store so customers have enough options and don't abandon at checkout.

  • Online payment with debit and credit cards: The most common way to pay for online purchases is with a debit or credit card. It's recommended to connect Lightspeed Payments as it allows your customers to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay and supports recurring subscriptions, a business model that allows you to charge customers on a regular basis for products and services.
  • E-wallets: Another popular option. Connect PayPal Checkout to your store for a fast and secure payment option and the ability to enable Buy Now Pay Later, an express checkout convenient for PayPal users, as well as country-based payment options for Europe.
  • Offline payment methods: For customers who pick up their orders in person, you can offer cash on delivery, phone order, bank transfer, invoice, etc. With offline payment methods, no actual payment is gathered during the order placement. The order is placed in the Unpaid status. When you fulfill the order, you will need to manually enter the payment details. You can add how-to payment instructions at checkout.

How payments are processed online

  1. Your customer comes to your website, puts products in the cart, and proceeds to checkout.
  2. The customer buys an item in your store with a credit or debit card by filling the fields that the payment provider has asked for (credit card information, last name, address details, etc).
  3. The payment provider processes the payment. They check the legitimacy of the transaction, make sure that there is enough credit in an account, etc. The entire transaction approval process takes only seconds.
  4. The funds are being transferred to the merchant's account. This is not your bank account, it's a virtual account such as a PayPal merchant account. These accounts are necessary to maintain the chain of approval from when your customer submits their card details to when you receive the money.
  5. After that money has landed in your merchant account, it can be sent to your personal bank account. Depending on what payments processor you have used, this can happen automatically or manually.
  6. The funds are available.

A processing period from the point the customers enter their card details to the point you get the money to your bank account typically takes a couple of days for the payment provider to process your payment.

Setting up online payment methods for eCom

Add payment methods to checkout from the Online tab in Retail POS. Payment methods that are already integrated with your POS must be connected from the Online tab to appear at checkout in your online store.

To set up an online payment method in eCom:

  1. Navigate to the Online tab > Settings > Payments.

    Online tab, with Settings and Payments emphasized.

  2. Select one of the recommended payment methods. To see the full list of payment methods available in your region, scroll down to More options to accept online payments and click Choose Payment Method.

    Online tab with Settings and More options to accept payment section emphasized.

  3. Follow the wizard to complete the connection. If you connect one of the payment methods already integrated with your POS, all required fields will be automatically filled-in.

When the payment provider is connected, you can run a test order to see how it will look to your customers.

Setting up offline payment methods for eCom

You don't need to connect any providers to accept offline payment methods, you just need to set up an offline payment method and provide it with a clear name. Adding instructions will help customers to understand how to pay using this method.

To set up an offline payment method in eCom:

  1. Navigate to Online tab > Settings > Payments.

    Online tab, with Settings and Payments emphasized.

  2. Scroll down to Manual payment methods and click + Add Manual Payment Method.

    Manual payment methods section.

  3. Fill in the name for the payment method that will be displayed at checkout. For example, Cash on delivery. Payment method name at checkout and Set payment instructions at checkout sections.
  4. Optional: Add instructions for customers so they know how to pay with this method.
  5. Click Save.

Changing the order of payment methods on the checkout page

The payment gateways will display on your checkout page in order of when you set them up. To change the order:

  1. Navigate to Online > Overview > Go to eCom (E-Series) to open the eCom Admin Panel.

    Online tab with Overview selected, showing Go to eCom button.

  2. In the side menu, click Payment to go to the Payment page.

    Payment page, showing Current payment methods and option to Add new payment methods.

  3. On any of the enabled payment methods, click Actions, then Sort. Change the order by dragging-and-dropping to the right position. Changes are autosaved.

    Actions drop-down, showing options to Edit, Sort, and Remove.

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