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Receiving stock/purchase orders

In Retail POS (X-Series), you can seamlessly receive full or partial stock orders, ensuring accurate inventory levels and simplifying both order creation and receipt.

If you want to print barcodes for a received order, the number of labels will be determined from the received amount, not the amount ordered - unless the received amount is 0 and in this case, it will revert to the ordered amount.

Receiving a stock/purchase order

To receive a purchase order after it has been created and sent to a supplier, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Stock control and locate the stock order you wish to receive, using the filters if necessary.

    Searching for sent orders

  2. Click on the Receive order parachute on the right of the purchase order information. Sent orders list
  3. On the Receive stock page, if you are receiving a full order, scroll down to the Products section and click Receive all ordered products. For partial orders, enter the desired quantity in the Received quantity field.

    Receive All Ordered Products button

  4. The Cost price field will automatically populate with the product's supply price. Update this if the cost price has changed.

    Received quantity

  5. Review the entered information and click Receive.

    the Receive button

  6. A confirmation window will appear. Click on Receive delivery to finalize. You will be given the option to create a new partial order if not all of the items were marked as received. Receive delivery

Managing unreceived items

When you don't receive all items in an order, you have the option to either create a partial order for the outstanding items or close the original order and generate a new one upon the arrival of the next stock shipment.
Creating a partial order

Creating a partial order

If you choose to create a new partial order, Retail POS will automatically create a new order and mark it as sent. When the rest of the stock comes in you can receive the stock against this newly created partial order. The original order will be marked as received.

Closing incomplete orders

If you choose to close the order, the order will be received and closed. No changes can be made to it once it is closed. When the rest of the stock comes in you will need to create a new order.

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