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Troubleshooting Xero Integration

I am seeing a red Xero logo? How do I fix it?

1. First, click on the red Xero logo.

2. Did the transaction send (logo go blue)?

  • Yes: You're all good! Sometimes transactions take longer to send and clicking it forces Retail POS to retry sending it.
  • No: Go to next step.

3. Did you receive an error message?

4. I didn't receive a Xero error message?

Sometimes, you'll get a register closure or account sale that does not give you an error message when you attempt to send it.

There are two common causes of this:

  • You have set up invoices to be sent as awaiting approval or draft, and haven't approved the invoice in Xero before taking payment. You need to approve the invoice in Xero, and either remove and reapply the payment. You can also contact our Support team to arrange for the payment to be sent. We strongly recommend setting all invoices to send as approved.

  • You have set payments to send to an account other than your bank account, and haven't enabled payments to that account in Xero. Enable payments in the Xero Chart of Accounts, and then click the Xero logo in Retail POS to resend the transaction.

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