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Update your Retail POS (X-Series) account credit card details

Whether your current credit card on file has expired, been stolen, or you are selling your business, you will need to update your credit card details to ensure that you are able to make your monthly or annual payments for Retail POS.

You can change these details at any time. If you update your credit card details after the payment has failed, Retail POS will automatically attempt to process the payment again.


Your credit card must be able to accept international transactions. Retail POS subscriptions are charged in New Zealand.

Follow the steps below, to update your Credit Card details.

1. Log in to Retail POS using the Account owner user

2. Navigate to Setup > Billing.


3. Scroll to the Payment section and under Credit card, click Edit card details.


4. Enter the billing address details in the Street address, City, Postcode, Country, and State fields. This information is mandatory for all Retail POS accounts and credit card information cannot be updated without it.


For merchants located in the USA, the billing address details will be used to calculate the sales tax charged on subscriptions.


5. Enter your updated credit card details in the Card number, Expiry date, and Security code fields.


6. Once you have entered your details, click Update payment details.

The credit card on file will now be updated.


If you have a credit card issued by a UK or EU bank, you may need to complete extra verification steps before your card details are updated.

For more information on paying for your Retail POS subscription, refer to our Paying for your Retail POS subscription guide.

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