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Customer push notifications in Apple Wallet for eCom (E-Series) purchases

Adding eCom (E-Series) orders to Apple Wallet is available only for purchases made from the Safari browser on iPhones with iOS 17 or higher or Mac OS version 14 or higher.

Retail POS merchants with an integrated Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) store can advise their customers to opt-in for order tracking using their Apple Wallet. Your customers will then receive push notifications on their devices detailing changes to their order status and can view other order-related info in the Apple Wallet app.

Information your customers can track with Apple Wallet

Your customers must have push notifications for Apple Wallet enabled on their devices. For steps to enable push notifications, your customers can refer to the Use notifications on your iPhone or iPad Apple Support article.

In addition to receiving push notifications detailing order status updates, your customers can view the following information on the Orders page in their Apple Wallet:

  • Current order fulfillment status, including tracking code (when available) with the ability to proceed to tracking the order on the shipping company's website
  • Current order payment status
  • Your store name and logo
  • Order date
  • List of products in the order
  • Customer name, email, and address as entered during checkout
  • Selected shipping method
  • Order ID
  • Order total

Your customers can also contact you directly and proceed to manage the order in their eCom (E-Series) account within the app.

How customers add eCom (E-Series) orders to Apple Wallet

  1. Add items to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Go through the checkout steps and place an order in your store.
  3. On the order confirmation page, click the Track with Apple Wallet button.

    Thank you for your order page displaying the option to Track with Apple Wallet

    If your customer doesn't have the Apple Wallet app already installed, they will be prompted to install it before proceeding.

  4. Select Track when directed to the Apple Wallet app.

    Add order to Apple Wallet page displaying the Track option and the order confirmation page after tracking the order

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