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How to set the default receipt paper size in OS X

By default OS X sets US letter as the 'Default paper size' under System Preferences -> print & scan. This can cause printing issues when trying to print to a thermal receipt printer such as the Star tsp100.

Please note there appears to be a bug in older versions of OSX (Leopard 10.6 and below) which prevents users from performing step 2 below. So while you can set a custom print size, Mac OSX 10.6 will not let you set a custom default print size. OSX 10.7 (Lion) work fine, and upgrading to this version will fix this issue.

How to set the default paper size

Step 1

  1. In Google Chrome press Command + P

  2. Click the drop down 'Paper Size' then select 'Manage custom sizes'

  3. Click the + sign to create a new paper size, you can change the name by double clicking on 'untitled'

  4. Please ensure the following settings settings.

    • Click OK to return to the print dialogue box

    • Click Cancel

    Step 2

    1. Navigate to System preferences

    2. Set your thermal receipt printer as your default printer

    3. Set the paper size to the template you just created

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