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Filtering your catalog by channel status

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

You can filter your catalog by the channel statuses applied to your products. This allows you to quickly find products to edit or activate/deactivate

  1. In Retail POS, navigate to Catalog > Products. catalog-product-channel-status.png
  2. By default, the Channel status filter is set to Active and Any channel. Use the first dropdown to select the status of the product and the second dropdown to specify which channel you wish to display:
    • All statuses / Any channel: Display both active and inactive products on any channel.
    • Active / Any channel: Display active products on any channel (can be active on either in-store or online store).
    • Active / In-store: Display active products for sale in-store.
    • Active / Online store: Display active products for sale on your online store.
    • Inactive / Any channel: Display only inactive products on every channel (must be inactive on both in-store and online store).
    • Inactive / In-store: Display only inactive products in-store.
    • Inactive / Online store: Display only inactive products on your online store.
  3. To filter by products for sale online, select either Active / Online store or Inactive / Online store.


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