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Redeeming store credit

To redeem a customer's store credit, follow these steps:

    1. Create the sale for the items the customer wishes to purchase and add their customer account to the sale.


    2. Click Pay to proceed to the payment screen.
    3. Once on the Amount to pay screen, the amount owed as well as a range of payment options are present.


    4. There are two ways a customer may use their store credit to pay off a sale:

      • Pay off the entire sale: click the Store credit button at the bottom of the page.


      • Pay a partial amount: Change the amount tendered to the desired partial amount and then click the Store credit button. You can then charge the customer for the outstanding amount using another payment method such as cash or credit.


    5. This will complete the sale and deduct the used store credit from the customer's account. The customer will be able to see their updated store credit amount on the sale receipt.

      For more information on Store Credits in Retail POS, check out this article.

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