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Merge customer groups using a CSV file

When working with customer groups in your Retail POS store, you may need to merge one customer group with another. This is useful if you no longer need a group, but wish to offer discounts to those customers by adding them to another group. Customers can only belong to one group at a time.

To merge customer groups, you will need to export the first customer group as a CSV file. Then, you will need to edit the CSV file. We recommend using Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Follow the steps below to learn how to merge a customer group with another using a CSV file.

1. Navigate to CustomersGroups.


2. Click on View customers for the group you wish to merge.


3. Click Export list and open the downloaded CSV in Microsoft Excel or Open Office.


4. In the customer_group_name column on the CSV, change the name of the customer group to the name of the group you wish to merge with this list of customers.


5. Save the file in a CSV format.

6. Navigate back to Customers > Groups in Retail POS

7. Click on View customers of the group you wish to merge with this CSV file.


8. Click on Import customers > Import with CSV and follow the instructions to import your spreadsheet. This will move customers from the first group into the second.


9. Click the trash icon to delete the empty group.


You can also change the customer group for each individual customer. If you have any questions, contact Retail Support.

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