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Using the sales by hour of day report

  • Available on Pro, Advanced, Enterprise
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Leverage the 'Sales by Hour of Day' report to identify peak transaction periods and optimize your workforce allocation. This analytical tool is pivotal for scheduling staff during high-traffic times and reducing labor during slower hours.

This report is located under Reporting > Sales reports > Sales by Hour of Day.
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Benefits of the sales by hour of day report

  • Identify and anticipate busy sales periods.
  • Strategically manage staffing levels to meet customer demand.
  • Utilize historical data to forecast future sales trends.

Understanding the Sales by Hour of Day Report

Gain valuable insights into your retail operation with the 'Sales by Hour of Day' report. This report not only highlights the busiest hours with its Hourly Breakdown but also provides crucial financial data including Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, and Margin %. These insights are instrumental in making informed decisions regarding staffing, inventory management, and maintenance scheduling, ensuring they are in sync with your sales trends and patterns.

Maximizing Efficiency with the Sales by Hour of Day Report

Optimizing staff scheduling

Utilize real-time sales data from the report to optimize staff scheduling, ensuring effective coverage during high-demand periods while minimizing overhead during quieter times.

  1. Review the report to pinpoint the busiest sales hours.
  2. Tailor staffing schedules to align with customer demand during these peak periods.
  3. Evaluate how staffing adjustments affect sales performance and customer satisfaction.
  4. Regularly update staffing strategies based on ongoing analysis of sales trends.

Managing stock levels by hour

Align your inventory management with the report's sales patterns to reduce the risk of stockouts during busy sales periods and decrease surplus stock during slower times.

  1. Track key product sales volumes using the report.
  2. Schedule restocking based on customer purchase patterns.
  3. Forecast future inventory needs using sales data.
  4. Fine-tune inventory strategies to enhance turnover rates.

Predictive maintenance scheduling

Strategically schedule maintenance tasks during lower sales hours as identified by the report, to minimize disruptions to customer service and sales.

  1. Use the report to determine optimal times for maintenance activities.
  2. Align maintenance tasks with periods of lower customer footfall.
  3. Assess how maintenance scheduling affects sales continuity.
  4. Adjust your maintenance planning based on sales data trends.

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