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Enabling store credit


Before you can enable the store credit feature, merchants using the Xero or QuickBooks Online integration need to set up liability so that it syncs to Xero or QuickBooks Online when store credit is issued and redeemed in Retail POS. For help setting up liability, merchants using Xero can view this article. Merchants using QuickBooks Online can view this article.

To get started with store credits, you will need to enable it for your store:

1. In the Retail POS, navigate to Setup > Store credit.

2. Click the toggle next to Enable store credit so that it turns purple. This enables the option to issue or redeem store credit in your store.


3. If your store is linked to Xero, follow the steps to configure your "Store credit liabilities" for Xero. If you are using QuickBooks Online, follow the steps to configure your "Store credit liabilities" for QuickBooks Online.

4. By default, only managers and admins can issue and redeem store credits. If you'd like to allow this feature for cashiers, navigate to Setup > Users and select Roles at the top of the page.


5. Select Cashier from the list of roles.


6. On the Cashier page you can customize store credit permissions for your cashiers.



If you give cashiers permission to issue store credit, cashiers can also apply discounts and process returns on normal sales.

For more information on store credits in Retail POS, view this article.

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