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Import existing gift card balances

How do I import my existing gift card balances?

1. If you want to import your existing gift card balances you'll first need to download the template.

2. Once this is open, you'll need to fill out both the number column with the codes of your existing gift cards and the balance column with the balances of these gift cards. Save this file and head back to Retail POS.


Do not include any special characters in your CSV such as dollar signs or ampersands, this will prevent you from uploading the file as only alphanumeric characters will be accepted.

3. Next, navigate to Catalog > Gift cards in Retail POS and click Import CSV in the Import gift cards section


4. Choose the CSV file you've made using the template above.

5. To confirm that this has imported correctly, check that the gift card totals on the Gift card screen have been adjusted accordingly.

Your existing gift card balances should now be in the system.

What do I do if I receive an error after importing?

If you receive a red error message after importing your CSV, it may be because some of the lines in the CSV have failed. Follow the steps below to learn how to fix this:

1. If this happens, you will be prompted to download a new CSV. This CSV will include an error message, explaining why any of the errored lines have failed to import.

2. Once you have identified which lines have an error, fix these problems based on what the error message suggests and delete the error message column.

3. Save this new CSV file and navigate back to the Retail POS gift cards screen.

4. Click the Import button again and this time, select the new CSV file.

The gift card balances that initially failed should now be imported into your store.

For more information on Retail POS gift cards, check out this article.


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