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Reporting on categories using the sales report

You can use the sales report to measure the performance of your products at the category and sub-category level. This level of Advanced reporting helps you keep track of your inventory needs, see exactly which categories are driving your revenue, and make more informed decisions on promotions.

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Sales reports.
  2. From the Report type drop-down, select Product category.
  3. From the Measure drop-down, select Revenue.
  4. Select the Date range and Comparison, if required.

Your report will show your level 1 categories in a list with revenue totals for your selected date range.


To drill down into level 2 and 3 subcategories, click the arrows to expand each level.

Here you can find details about how each subcategory is performing and how much each one is driving cost or revenue.


The report will only show category levels with sales in the date range selected..

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