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Taking payments using Moneris Payments and the Retail POS (X-Series) app

Create the Moneris Payment Type in Retail POS

1. Head to Setup and choose Payment Types.

2. You should now be on the Payments page. From here, click Add Payment Type and choose Moneris.

5. Your Moneris payment type will now be created. Follow the steps on the screen to pair your terminals. Once you're finished, click Save Payment Type.

Taking a payment

In the Retail POS Sell Screen:

  • Add your items to the sale
  • Click 'Pay.'
  • Choose 'Moneris.'
  • Retail POS will show 'Follow the instructions on the terminal to process the transaction.'
  • The payment terminal will show the amount to pay.
  • Your customer can then tap, swipe, or insert their card to complete payment.
  • Retail POS will show you whether the transaction is accepted or declined and the receipt for payment will print on the terminal.
  • If you need to cancel the payment, this must be done at the terminal.

If the customer's card is only able to be authorised for part of the amount due (e.g.,. a preloaded credit card) the terminal will ask for additional payment and a second card may be used. Both payments will be received and stored by Retail POS in the history for your records.

Processing a refund

Moneris returns are processed using the standard Retail POS return process. You can see this here.

Once you've selected Moneris as the return type, the transaction will be sent to the terminal.

A manager will need to swipe the administrative card first to approve the refund; then you will be asked to enter the authorization number from the original receipt to link both payments together.


Help I'm out of paper!

The Ingenico iCT250 terminal takes standard 2.25" (58mm) thermal receipt paper which can be found at your local stationary store or online.

I've lost internet access, can I still run a transaction?

The Ingenico iCT250 terminal may be set up with a phone line fail-over if you have a traditional phone line available in your store, please contact Moneris support to verify that this is available and set up on your terminal.

The terminal says "Enter Amount" on the display

The terminal is not set up correctly for integration with Retail POS; please refer to the setup guide here for instructions on how to correct this.

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