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Using the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center

The Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center is the hub of knowledge for all things Retail POS (and where you are reading this article). You can search for specific articles, browse topics, and learn about new features all from within the Help Center.

Using the search bar

  1. Enter keywords in the search bar to find related articles on a specific subject quickly. Keywords can be broad (hardware) or more specific (Star TSP100).
  2. Before pressing enter, top article results will appear underneath the search bar. Your keywords will be bold and highlighted. You can click into an article from here or press enter for more options.


  3. Pressing enter will bring you to the search results page. Under Type, click Articles (#) to see all article results. Click on the listed options to filter By Category (the number of results are in brackets).

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Try adjusting your keywords or navigate around the help center to find categories, sections, and articles of interest.

Navigating the help center

  1. On the help center homepage, use the side navigation bar to browse categories, sections, and articles. Click the arrows to expand and view lists of articles, then click article titles to access the article.

    On mobile, use the hamburger menu in the top right to open the top bar and click the Categories dropdown to access the navigation bar to browse categories, sections, and articles.
  2. You can also quickly access top categories and sections using the feature blocks to the right of the side navigation bar.


  3. On the help center homepage, scroll down to What’s new for a list of recently published articles.
  4. At the bottom of the homepage, find Trending articles from around the help center.

Article table of contents

  1. You can quickly navigate to areas of interest inside articles by clicking one of the headings under In this article to jump to a specific section.


  2. At the bottom-right of longer articles, click the back-to-top arrow to jump back to the top of the page.


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