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Account dunning in Retail POS (X-Series)

Dunning is the term Lightspeed uses when an automatic credit card payment for your Retail POS subscription is declined. This will cause your account to enter a 28 day dunning period. Lightspeed will attempt to charge your credit card 5 more times over the dunning period. If the payment fails on the 5th attempt, your account will be restricted at 21 days and cancelled at 28 days.

Dunning warnings

When your Retail POS account enters a dunning period, warning message banners will be displayed for both admin and cashier users when logged in.

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Admin users are advised that the account is overdue and will be restricted in a specified amount of days. Cashier users will only be advised that there is a problem with the Retail POS account and that an admin user should be contacted.

Restriction at 21 days

After attempting to charge your credit card 5 times (Day 1, 3, 7, 14, 21) during the first 21 days, your account will be restricted for 7 days. When you log into your Retail POS account, you will only be able to access the billing page.

A restricted account banner will be displayed on the billing page advising that your account is due to be cancelled within a specified amount of days. You will be prompted to pay an overdue balance to un-restrict your account.

For merchants that are on legacy plans, paying an overdue balance within the restriction period allows you to continue on the existing plan.

Cancellation at 28 days

When an overdue balance has not been paid at the end of the restriction period, your account will be cancelled. From the date of cancellation, you will have 180 days to reactivate your account before all data is permanently deleted. After this time, Lightspeed will no longer be able to provide you with any records for legal, accounting or tax purposes.

For merchants that are on legacy plans, reactivating your account after cancellation will require you to select a current plan, which may impact feature availability and pricing.

Using the pay overdue balance page

You can review the details of your overdue balance by navigating to Setup > Billing. On the Your account is overdue banner, click Pay overdue balance.

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Here you can review the details of your plan, including downloading the associated invoice by clicking the invoice number.

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When your account is overdue, you are unable to make any changes to payment frequency, register and outlet licences, or plan changes. Pay the overdue balance to regain access to make account changes.

To pay the overdue balance, select your existing payment method from the Payment method list or New payment method to add an alternative payment method. Once you’ve selected your desired payment method, click Pay overdue $X.

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Merchants paying with EUR currency also have the option to select SEPA direct debit as a payment method.

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