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Managing location-specific price points for your products

Managing product prices across locations is now more efficient. You can update the markup or the retail price of your standard and variant products directly through the Edit Product page and these changes will be reflected in their respective price books. You must create your price books first and add your products. 

Creating a location-specific price book

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Price books.
  2. Click Add a price book.Add price book button highlighted.
  3. Create your new price book for your location. Ensure the customer group is set to All customers and the date fields are left blank.Create new price book page with fields to fill out name, location, and customer group
  4. Click Save price book.
  5. Add the products available at the location to the price book.Newly created price book page.
  6. Adjust the markup or discount for the products as required. You can adjust the markup or discount for all the products at once by entering in the value in the Change all on page field.Products added to the pricebook and the change all on page field filled out and highlighted.
  7. Click Save price book.

Viewing and adjusting product price points

You can adjust the price points for your products and view all the price books associated with an item on the Product details page.

  1. Navigate to CatalogProducts.Retail POS product page.
  2. Click the product you wish to view or adjust to open the edit product page.
  3. Scroll down to the Price and loyalty section.Price and loyalty section of the edit product page with price points highlighted.
  4. Here you can view the prices across all your location-specific price books and adjust the markup if required.

    Only price books that include all customer groups and have no start or end date will be visible on the edit product page.

  5. Click Save.

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