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Adding and editing suppliers

Suppliers are a feature that can help streamline your ordering process and make tracking products in a group simpler and easier.

Also, suppliers can be used to add a standard markup to any products bought from them to speed up pricing and product entry.

To add a supplier, navigate to Catalog > Suppliers and click Add supplier.

This will bring up this screen:



Supplier name: This is the name of the supplier that will be displayed in your supplier list, and on any invoices addressed to this supplier.

Default markup: Currently, this is used for record-keeping purposes and it does not have any effect on your products. 

Description: This field is used for any additional information needed about the supplier that isn’t covered elsewhere. This field is great for adding info on additional contacts, secondary phone or emails, or any other info needed.

Contact info

First name, Last name, Company, Phone, Mobile, Fax, Website, Twitter: These are standard fields for your supplier's official contact name, primary phone number, fax number, etc.

Email: This field will automatically add the supplier’s email address to any orders emailed from Retail POS.


Street, Suburb, City, Postcode, State, Country: These fields are used to track the location of the supplier for orders and records. They do not have to be filled out, but are useful for records.

Postal address same as physical address: Check this box to use the information entered into the Physical address fields for the Postal address fields. If you uncheck this box, you can enter different information for the Postal address fields.

Using suppliers on products

Suppliers can be assigned to products. This is a great way to streamline your ordering process and better track data for those items.

Multiple suppliers can be recorded on a product. This allows you to capture supplier codes and supplier prices for all the suppliers that you source a product from, and quickly use this information when processing a stock order.

For more information on multiple suppliers, refer to our Multiple suppliers for products in Retail POS (X-Series) guide.

Using suppliers in stock orders

Supplier information is essential to making stock orders easier to create.

For more information on ordering stock, refer to our How to Order Stock (Purchase Order) guide.

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