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Getting Started with Verifone Payments in Retail POS (X-Series)

Verifone / EFTPOS NZ has undertaken technical changes to the integration with Retail POS.

The changes do not impact payment terminals already paired to your Retail POS account, however retailers with existing connections will be contacted by your Verifone terminal provider to update your terminal.

If you have an existing connection and have yet to be contacted by Verifone, please do not unpair your existing payment terminal using the trash icon (Setup -> Payment Types -> Your Verifone Payment Type)

Who can use Verifone New Zealand Payments

Verifone payments are available to retailers using:

  • Retail POS on iPad App
  • Retail POS for Mac and PC
  • Verifone terminals on the either the Paymark or Verifone network

Add the Verifone Payment Type to Retail POS

This integration is for Verifone New Zealand ONLY. For information on payments solutions available in other regions, click here.

1. First, Login to your Account Owner user for your Retail POS store on your Mac or PC.

2. Next, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types and click Add Payment Type.


3. Select Vcloud from the payment type dropdown and click Begin Setup.


4. On the next page, rename your payment type as Eftpos

5. Click Save Payment Type

6. Click the Edit (pencil) icon on the new Verifone payment type

7. Scroll to the Pair Payment Terminals section and click Pair a Terminal.


6. If prompted to sign in, sign in using your Account Owner user for your Retail POS store


7. On the Configure Vcloud modal, click Connect.


8. Next, enter your payment terminal's serial number. This is the 9 digit number located on the back of your terminal next to S/N:, then click NEXT.


9. To confirm the pairing, a test transaction of $0.01 will be sent to the terminal. Confirm that this amount is shown on the terminal and click Yes. You may need to cancel this transaction on your terminal if not automatically cancelled.


10. Before completing the setup you must choose which register to associate this terminal with. Make sure you choose the primary register you'd like your Verifone terminal to be linked to as the terminal cannot be linked to more that one register at a time.


11. The terminal will now be paired. You can either click ESC to continue, or Pair Another Terminal to pair an additional terminal.

12. Once you're done and back on the Payment page, click Save Payment Type.

Additional Information

  • We recommend reaching out directly to your Verifone terminal provider with queries or issues in relation to processing payments.
  • VX820Duets: when integrating with a VX820Duet the Pin pad S/N should be used for integration.
  • DHCP: when possible we recommend the use of DHCP when integrating through VCS as the integration is not dependent on the IP address. If you are using a fixed IP address, you require a valid DNS host for the solution to work.
  • When the service is used with 3G devices, a data provision of 8 to 10 MB over the normal usage will be required

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