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Scheduling reports

  • Available on Advanced, Enterprise, or Advanced Reporting add-on
  • Available on Plus

Merchants who regularly update their stakeholders can now simplify their reporting process by scheduling reports. This feature allows reports to be automatically emailed to specific stakeholders on a regular basis, saving time and effort for admin users and store managers. In this article, we will cover how to create and edit this functionality.

Create a scheduled report

Creating a scheduled report is an efficient process that can save you valuable time and effort in keeping your stakeholders updated on important information.

  1. To create a scheduled report, go to Reporting and select your report category from the Navigation bar (Sales reports, Inventory reports, Payment reports, etc...). Report categories located at the Navigation bar
  2. You can choose to customize your report or select a report located at the top bar of the page. Click on your chosen report.
  3. Click Actions...> Share.

    Note: Only saved and prepared reports that use a relative date range (ex. Last 4 weeks, Last Day) can be scheduled. The Share button will not show up if you select an absolute date period like Aug 1 - Aug 15.

    Actions button located at the right side of the screen
  4. From there, a pop-up asking you to enter your recipient will show.Recipient field for scheduled reports
  5. Enter your recipients. You can add up to 50 recipients to your schedule.
  6. Choose your email frequency. You can choose to have those scheduled reports sent to your recipients daily, on a weekday of your choosing, or monthly. Monthly recipients
  7. Click Save schedule. Save schedule button

Once saved, your schedule is now set up and recipients will be notified on the defined schedule. There can only be one schedule for each of your reports. You can duplicate your report to send it at different cadences if necessary.

Edit a scheduled report

Only the owner of the scheduled report can edit the recipient list or email frequency. In the event that the owner is no longer a user, the schedule report will need to be set up again.

To view, manage, and edit your scheduled reports, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, go to Reporting > Shared reports. Shared reports page
  2. Expand your scheduled report by clicking on it and click Edit. Edit button
  3. From there, you can edit your recipient list by removing or adding email addresses. You can also edit your email frequency.
  4. Once edited, click Save. Save button

Your schedule report is now updated to your new settings.

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