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Taking Payment with PayPal Here

Taking a payment

On the Retail POS Sell Screen:

1. Add your items to the sale.

2. Click Pay.

3. Choose PayPal.

4. If this is the first time you've opened Retail POS for the day, a window might appear prompting you to connect your PayPal reader.

5. Once the reader is connected, Retail POS will show a window prompting you to take payment from your customer.

6. Your customer can tap, swipe, or insert their card to complete payment.

  • Depending on the card issuer, your customer may be asked to enter a pin or sign on on your iPad screen.

7. If you need to cancel the payment this must be done on the card reader.

8. Once you have successfully taken payment, you can send your customer the receipt for their sale via email or phone number, or print the receipt if you have a thermal printer set up.


You can change the email and phone number for the customer from this screen by clicking the "pencil" icon on the right.

Taking Manual Credit Card Payments

If your business still requires manual credit card payments, you can do this via the steps below:

  • Download the official PayPal Here app.
  • Navigate to Setup > Payment Types on Retail POS.
  • Add this payment method as a new Payment Type in Retail POS (e.g. "PayPal Manual Entry").
  • When you need to manually key in credit card numbers, use the PayPal Here app to perform this action.
  • Record the sale under your new Payment Type (e.g. "PayPal Manual Entry") on the Retail POS Sell Screen.


All manual credit card transactions should be recorded under your new Payment Type (e.g. “PayPal Manual Entry”) at the point-of-sale, so you can report on them later. These transactions will not be recorded under your Retail POS + PayPal Integration as they are taken separately.

Processing a refund

For directions on how to return items/refund a PayPal transaction from Retail POS, click here.

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