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Updating a price book

To edit an existing price book, navigate to CatalogPrice books and select the price book you want to edit.

You can:

  • Click Edit price book to update the price book by adding or removing products, or changing the pricing.
  • To edit a product in your price book, search it using the Filter list. By entering the product name or SKU and clicking Filter, this will show all matching results allowing you to edit your product.Filter-list-pricebook.png
  • Complete a bulk update by exporting the price book and updating the spreadsheet.

When editing an exported spreadsheet to update an existing price book:

  • Keep the ID column. This ensures that we update the pricing on the correct product.
  • To add a new product, leave the ID field blank. Retail POS will create an ID for that product when you import it.
  • You cannot remove a product from a price book via CSV import.

Once you've finished editing the price book:

  • Save the changes.
  • Click the Edit price book button on the price book page in Retail POS.
  • Click the Choose file button, and select your updated price book CSV file.
  • Click the Save price book button. Your price book will update.

For more information on running sales with price books, check out this article.

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