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Reloading a Retail POS (X-Series) gift card

To use reloadable gift cards on iPad, the iPad must be running on the minimum system requirements and the latest Retail POS (X-Series) app version. 

Reloading a Retail POS gift card allows you to add funds to an existing gift card so the gift card can be reused. To learn more on how to reload a Retail POS gift card, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sell, and add a gift card to the sale.
  2. A dialog box will pop up requesting the gift card number. Enter the number and click Find gift card.


  3. This dialog box displays the gift card's details, including the gift card's issuing user, expiration date, and its current balance. Select Add funds to gift card.


  4. Enter the amount you wish to load to the Amount to add box, and click Add to sale.


  5. Complete the sale to reload the gift card.

If you run out of funds on your gift card mid-sale, you can follow the steps above to reload your gift card.

Learn more about about redeeming gift cards here.

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