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Printing with AirPrint for gift receipts on iOS

Gift receipts are a simplified version of the standard receipt that does not include any pricing, payment or loyalty information and can be given to the gift recipient for proof of purchase. You can now print them using AirPrint at the end of your sales. 

To print gift receipts using AirPrint:

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup > Outlets and registers.Outlets-and-registers.png
  2. Click on Add receipt template.Add-receipt-template.png
  3. On this page, you will enter the name of your template. Type: "iOS AirPrint" in the field Template name.
  4. Select Standard invoice in the Template style drop-down and click Save.add-receipt-template.png
  5. Create a sale on the sell screen by adding the desired products and ensuring a customer is added to the sale.
  6. Click Pay.
  7. To print the gift receipt, select Other.Airprint-other.png
  8. Choose Gift receipt as your receipt type and iOS AirPrint as your template.choose-your-template.png
  9. Click on AirPrint.
  10. The printer page will appear showing you the preview of your gift receipt. Click Print.Print-Airprint.png

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