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Setting Up Matching Tax Rates with the Vend-Xero Integration

1. If you haven't yet set up your Retail POS tax rates, make sure you do this first. To learn how, check out this article.

2. Next, you need to set up matching tax rates in Xero. You need a matching tax rate for each tax you have in Retail POS. Taxes in Xero can be found under General Settings -> Tax Rates.

  • Every tax rate in Retail POS MUST have a matching rate in Xero. This includes component taxes if you are using group taxes in Retail POS. When setting up group taxes in Xero, set up the individual tax first, then set up the group tax with the individual rates as components. Never select Compound, as Retail POS does not support this. Xero has a great article on setting up tax rates in Xero, check it out here.

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