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Troubleshooting the Zebra CS6080 and CS4070 barcode scanner

If you're having issues connecting to your Zebra CS6080 or CS4070 barcode scanner, you can return it to its factory defaults. To do so : 

  1. Launch your Retail POS (X-Series) app and go to Settings > Hardware. 
  2. In the Hardware settings menu, in the barcode scanners section, tap Factory reset.X-Series-CS4070-factory-reset.png
  3. Choose your scanner brand.Choose-your-scanner.png
  4. Choose your scanner model.choose-your-scanner-model.png
  5. With your barcode scanner, scan the barcode on your iPad or select your model below and scan the barcode, to reset the scanner settings to the factory defaults. The scanner will power off after scanning the barcode.
    • Hardware_settings.png
    • IMG_0040.png

Your barcode scanner should now connect with your iPad and Retail POS if you set it up again. 

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