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Xero Customer Sync

With our new version of customer sync, you are now able to edit customers on Retail POS that are linked to Xero. Editing a customer that is linked to Xero now functions in the same way as editing a standard Retail POS customer.

Before Getting Started

Before using Xero customer sync, there are a few important points worth noting:

If you are planning on linking your Xero customers to Retail POS it is important to treat Retail POS as the master. This means that any changes or edits made to these customers should be done from Retail POS,not from Xero.


How do I link my Xero customers to Retail POS?

If you're an existing Xero customer, and you're new to Retail POS, you'll probably want to import your contacts from Xero. Retail POS allows you to import existing customers or suppliers into your Retail POS account using the 'Import from Xero' Option.

If you've already added the same customers or suppliers directly into your Retail POS account, importing contacts from Xero will create duplicate records. We do not recommend importing in this instance.

  • In Retail POS, open the Customers page.
  • Click the Import Customers button, and choose the Import from Xero option.


  • Any contact in Xero with either a 'customer' designation, or a 'general contact' designation will now be imported. This may take some time if you have a lot of customers in Xero.

Your customers will now be linked to Xero. If you are maintaining your customers on Retail POS it is important to ensure that Retail POS is the master. This means that any changes or edits made to customers should be done from Retail POS , not from Xero. When you apply any changes to a customer in Retail POS these changes will be pushed across to Xero.

If you have linked your customers between Retail POS and Xero and you edit one of these customers on Xero's end, the changes will not apply in Retail POS. Next time the customer is edited in Retail POS, or used in an on-account sale, these changes will be overwritten.

How do I edit my Xero Customers?

To edit a customer, navigate to the customer tab in the sidebar.

Here you can search for the customer you'd like to edit or select one from the list below.


Once you have selected the customer, use the 'Edit Customer' button to bring up the edit screen.


If this customer is linked to Xero, these changes will be updated on Xero's end after clicking 'Save Customer' and click on 'View on Xero' to view the changes.

You can check that these changes have carried across to Xero by clicking on the 'View on Xero' button.

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