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July product updates


What's new in Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

Lightspeed Retail POS


Clock in and out with time clock


Streamline payroll processing, monitor employee attendance, and ensure accurate pay for hours worked with the time clock feature. Create timesheets for your employees using their clock in and out data, further improving payroll efficiency and accuracy.

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Greater control over your on account balances


Gain clear visibility over your on account activity with the Account tab. View details on current and past months opening and closing balances as well as payment and sales details for on account transactions for each customer, right on their profile.

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Improved Bluetooth stability

Enjoy greater stability for Bluetooth connections with Socket barcode scanners and Star printers. This improved stability means scanners and printers are more reliable so you can process transactions with fewer obstacles.

Lightspeed Payments


Xero accounting sync with Lightspeed Payments


Deposit and transaction fees will now sync with Xero to ensure you know the exact revenue earned on every sale and save you time reconciling payments.

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Lightspeed Scanner


Transfer stock now available on Android


Use Lightspeed Scanner for store and warehouse transfers on both iOS and Android, making sending and transferring stock quick, simple, and error free.

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